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Fabric Choices  |  Zippers

Each Storm-A-Rest panel is custom made based on measurements taken by a factory-approved technician. The measurements and style of the window or door will determine the way in which the Storm-A-Rest panel is installed. The panels have been tested and certified and require only two sides to be attached to the structure. However, options are available if additional attachment configurations are requested or required.

Storm-A-Rest panels are the only fabric-based hurricane protection panels in the industry that offer the installation of a zipper within the panel design. This added feature enables users to deploy the panel from inside the home or business from a second floor double-hung window. This means that users no longer have to get on a ladder to install or deploy storm protection curtains, which can be a safety concern and a waste of time when a storm is approaching. The zipper also provides rapid egress capability when the panels are deployed

Storm-A-Rest panels also feature Sunbrella® acrylic accent fabrics. With more than 300 styles to choose from, Storm-A-Rest panels with Sunbrella fabric offer an unprecedented level of protection as well as design and style.