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Florida Building Code Wind Zones  | Miami-Dade County, Florida No. 07-1015.04 1 JULY 2014

  1. What is Storm-A-Rest™ made of?
    Storm-A-Rest is made from Honeywell Spectra® fiber, a high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE) fiber, woven into a fabric form and coated to be resistant to wind and rain. Honeywell Spectra fiber is, pound for pound, one of the strongest and lightest fibers on the market today. HMPE fiber is used within the armor/ballistics industry, and for cut protection, industrial fishing line, high-strength rope and cordage applications and other niche applications that require a high strength and lightweight material. Additional information for Honeywell Spectra fiber can be found at

  2. Is this product certified?
    Yes, Storm-A-Rest is certified under Florida Building Code FL-11565 and meets ASTM E 1996 protection for high wind and impact resistance (Zone 5 175 mph). It also qualifies for impact-protection requirements found in local building codes. Please check with your local installer or contact us for more information.

  3. Does this product qualify for insurance discounts or grants from My Safe Florida Home?
    Yes. The product is Florida Building Code approved and therefore qualifies for certain discounts. Please check with My Safe Florida Home and your insurance carrier for more information.

  4. What is the typical cost for the product?
    Prices vary depending on requirements and options. Please contact us for a referral to a qualified dealer near you.

  5. How is the product installed?
    The product can be installed on wood, metal or brick with off-the-shelf building code-approved attachments. The installer will recommend the attachment based on your specific need.

  6. Can I install the product myself?
    We recommend that a certified installer install the product. This is a requirement if you wish to receive certain insurance discounts and to qualify for My Safe Florida Home funding. However, depending on your region, some installers will offer the product without installation. It is a requirement to have a certified installer measure your home before the custom panels are manufactured.

  7. How do you store the product?
    Once installed, the product may be rolled up over the door or window. If a hurricane is coming, you only need to roll the curtain down and attach the wing nuts or bolts to keep the curtain in place. After hurricane season, you can take the curtains down, then roll them up and store them in your garage or storage closet.

  8. What options are available?
    Additional available options include the Sunbrella® accent fabric, which offers more than 300 options, and the option of the zipper. Both of these options are in addition to the cost of the basic panel and must be specified before ordering.

  9. Who sells Storm-A-Rest?
    Storm-A-Rest is now available through select, certified installers/dealers located throughout the coastal regions. Contact us for more information.